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Tommy DiMaggio
September 24, 2018 | Tommy DiMaggio

Escape to Tuscany

In May of 2018, a bottle of Vermeil Wine escaped from Tommy DiMaggio's wine cooler in Tuscon, Arizona! With a little help, a bottle of 2015 XXXIV Red Wine that I'll call Coach found its way into my suitcase insisting on being taken along on a trip to Montepulciano in Tuscany. The wine explained to me he wanted to go back to the Old Country before he would be drunk. Everyone knows the finality for a bottle of wine is its consumption. I said, okay, you can come, but remember this is it, the last trail, the last round up. You get your wish but drinking you in Italy will happen. Arriving in Rome, I opened my suitcase and found coach fully intact. He didn't turn my powder blue Armani jacket pink. The hardest part of the trip was over, and Coach made it! The drive from Rome was quite the adventure. Do all the Italian drivers think they are Enzo Ferrari? Even the old farts drive fast and crazy. At least we made it to Montelpulciano. At last we made it to Montelpulciano hungry and thirsty for a glass of wine. Coach looked at me and I told him, "It's time to enjoy the Tuscan countryside."

To view the full album of photos from Mr. DiMaggio's (and the bottle of XXXIV) Tuscan tour, visit our Facebook page.


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